Things you may have missed in flatiron schools software engineering course

Posted by Arye Eidelman on August 22, 2019

Welcome to Flatiron School

  • How do I contact Flatiron about _____ ?

  • I got accepted - How do I join my cohorts slack channel and opening video conference?

    It may just take some time, to get added to slack and notified when you’ll meet. otherwise, you can contact your cohort lead or admissions.

Getting support

  • Stuck? Don’t understand somthing? There are generally three places to go for help google, Ask A Question (AAQ) and the slack channels.

  • Still don’t having issues? ask again!

  • Don’t forget to ask. If your searching for a solution for more than an hour, you should probably just ask.

learn from the command line (local setup)

  • How do I open a lesson from the command line?

    learn open opens the lesson your currently up to.

  • If you’re in the middle of a lesson you can use learn next to open the next lesson.

    learn open lab-name-here will open that lab, this can be with or without the section/cohort part of the URL:

    learn open ruby-variable-assignment

    learn open ruby-variable-assignment-bootcamp-prep-000

  • When using the local environment how can I customize what editor learn will open?

    You can change the editor option in the ~/.learn-config file. Examples include:

    Visual Studio Code: code; Sublime Text: subl; XCode: xed; Atom: atom.

Debugging learn command issues

  • Can you connect to and authenticate with learn’s servers correctly?

    check that running learn whoami (who-am-i) prints your info and that learn hello prints “Hello {your first name}”.

  • Trying to open a lab and getting an error similar to /gems/learn-open-1.2.22/lib/learn_open/lessons/ios_lesson.rb:6:in `detect': undefined method `any?' for false:FalseClass (NoMethodError)?

    The lesson you’re trying to open is missing the .learn file which combined with issue #23 is causing this error.

    As a workaround, you can git clone the repo and bundle/npm install.

  • If you’re having issues with the running the tests try running the tests directly rspec spec on ruby labs and npm test on javascript labs.

  • issue submitting? learn submit doesn’t do any magic. git add ., git commit -m "Done", git push and creating a pull request on GitHub, will accomplish the exact same thing, including marking the lab as done.


  • I find myself writing to many nested if statements. is there an easier way to deal with calling methods on optional properties?

    if user.profile
        # display user profile photo
        # display generic profile photo
      # display generic profile photo

    Can be shortened and DR(Y)ied using the Safe Navigation Operator added in ruby 2.3.0:

    if user.profile&.photo.present?
      # display user profile photo
      # display generic profile photo
  • I uploaded my rails project to Heroku and My images aren’t working anymore.

    Filenames get a hash added during the production build step, so their URL can’t be hardcoded. instead use the asset_path helper to get the correct URL <%= asset_path 'logo.png' %>. More on that in the asset pipeline docs. This also works for .css.erb files and similarly in .sass files.


  • How can I revert changes to my blog?

    Your blog is stored in a GitHub repository at{your-name}/{your-name} so you can always use git to get any previous state.

  • How do I change the theme?

    The blogs use Jekyll.

I made an extension for please give it a try